10 Ways to Save Money on Printing

printing costs

Have you evaluated your printing costs lately? Printing is an expensive use of office funds, and it's not going anywhere, despite the digital revolution.

As stated by Canon, the average employee prints about 12,000 sheets of paper per year. Even in a medium size company, that is an excessive use of resources and spending!

How to Save

Time to buckle down and save money on print costs.

Here are a few quick steps you can take to cut back on spending.

Print in draft mode - This can use almost 50% less ink and is excellent for non-presentation materials.

Print preview, so you only print once - Instead of checking the document after it prints, review closely in a preview.

Try emailing documents first - Instead of delivering memos or printing meeting agendas, send electronically to see if that works better.

Create a policy for not printing emails - A crucial part of the above strategy is to ensure that your office does not generally accept printing emails as standard practice.

Be proactive about printer repair and maintenance - Get ahead of the issues, so your printer is always operating at the highest level and not overusing resources due to a maintenance issue.

Use the cheapest high-quality paper for the utmost efficiency - There's a balance here. The most affordable paper is not always the most competitive in the long term. Ask your print services partner to run some numbers for you.

Print two-sided - Whenever possible, this is a great way to reduce paper and costs.

Recycle, recycle, recycle! - It can't be said enough! Encourage a culture of recycling in your office.

Have a recycling bin right next to the printer - Make it easy to recycle documents.

Ensure your printer meets your office use - Don't pay for a printer that operates at a level you don't need, or that has features you never use. Research to ensure you have exactly what your employees actually use.

Newcastle Business Technology Group Can Help

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