3 Ways Document Management Improves Customer Service

The dependence on paper documents slows down an office with unnecessary use of time spent searching through filing cabinets for documents that shouldn’t have been printed in the first place. Document management has the potential to increase profitability and office productivity by streamlining workflows through the transition from paper to digital. Capturing documents and then storing and organising them with cloud software will result directly in increased customer satisfaction. Here are three ways you will see an improvement:

3 Ways to Introduce Managed Print to Your Employees

Managed print is a service known to drive success within a business. It increases productivity through the analysis of your printing practices and monitoring of your supplies and equipment. Once you have decided to implement managed print you need to consider how to introduce it within your offices. The more qualified and informed your employees are the more positive results you will see.

Top Movie Posters From Each Decade

Who doesn’t love walking up to a movie theater and seeing the intriguing posters of upcoming attractions? Movie posters have been used since the earliest public showings of films. Released in 1895, the French film L'Arroseur arrosé holds the distinction of having the first movie poster ever designed to promote an individual film. Originally labeled “film posters,” these prints were created for the exclusive use of the theaters showing the depicted film, and were returned to the distributor after the film left the theater.

Survey Finds Channel Dealer Recommendation Key to Printer Purchase

Sydney, 23 January 2017 – OKI Data Australia, a global manufacturer of business printers and multifunction devices, has announced the findings of a customer survey which identifies channel dealers recommendations as the key influence in printer purchasing decisions in Australia.

While 20 per cent of respondents claimed that channel dealer recommendation was the most important consideration in influencing their choice of printer, 17 per cent highlighted warranty as being more important than printer functionality and price.


OKI empowers businesses with a new range of colour printers!

Sydney, 20 October, 2016 – OKI, a global manufacturer of business printers and multifunction devices, is refreshing its colour range with six new models, aimed at empowering business users with heightened productivity and ease-of-use, backed by OKI peace of mind thanks to LED technology and a 3 year warranty.


OKI previews Large Format printer range at Visual Impact Sydney!

Sydney, 15 September 2016 – OKI, a global manufacturer of business printers and multifunction devices, is broadening its product portfolio with the launch of the ColorPainter range of Large Format inkjet printers.  As OKI’s first foray into the Large Format market, the ColorPainter range showcases OKI’s strengths across all aspects of large format printing and demonstrates its commitment to sign and graphics businesses.  

Neon colour lights the way for new OKI Graphic Arts Printer!

30 May 2016 – OKI, a global manufacturer of business printers and multifunction devices, is taking printing to the next level for creative businesses and print houses with the launch of the new Pro6410 NeonColor A4 printer.

The Pro6410 NeonColor is the newest member of OKI’s Pro Series range of Graphic Arts printers. It enables the printing of bright, eye-catching fluorescent designs, liberating graphic design from the limits of the standard CMY colour spectrum. It also offers A4 media versatility on weights of up to 250gsm and banner lengths of up to 1320mm.

Press Releases

Oki Pro 7411WT - White Toner Graphic Arts Printer

01 June 2016 – OKI, a global manufacturer of business printers and multifunction devices, continues to deliver innovation for creative businesses with the latest addition to the OKI Pro Series group of products – the new Pro7411WT white toner A4 printer.

4 Reasons You Should Leave Printer Repair to the Pros

While we like to think that taking care of printer repair problems ourselves is the quicker easier solution, that’s not always the case. Even if you routinely maintain your printer and know how to keep it clean malfunctions are bound to happen. Next time you want to dive in and fix your printer yourself reconsider for these four reasons.

How to Prevent Copier Jams

Copier / Printer Jams

Summertime is nearly over and today and the rest of this week it is supposed to rain and you know what that means!!!

….copier jams.

Copier jams can be a major cause of frustration during your work day. However have you ever noticed that you have more copier jams (also know as copier misfeeds) in the hot humid summer months and on rainy days, more so than at any other times during the year?

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