Consolidate Your Office Devices Today

Consolidating the devices that you currently operate in your printer fleet is always a means of making your office more efficient and more affordable in the long run. Instead of walking into a crowded printer room full of outdated equipment, why not invest in a long-term strategy designed to promote cost savings and low-maintenance costs? It is becoming increasingly popular to rid the office of the “one machine for one job” mentality and switch to a multifunction system that promotes all the staples of office work into one functioning machine.
In short, printer and device consolidation aims to reduce and optimise the number of devices in an office’s printer fleet to decrease the cost of hardware, consumable products (paper, ink, toner, etc.), electricity, and overall maintenance. Even though this type of implementation may seem like a no-brainer, many businesses are still reluctant to the idea of consolidating their devices for easy and efficient use. What some businesses aren’t aware of is how small of an investment the switch actually is and how many benefits arise from making the switch to a multifunction system.
Not only does a multifunction system offer you advanced equipment necessary to complete any office task, it also makes your office look more presentable and state-of-the-art. The old trend of having one device for one function has become outdated and is associated with inefficiencies and obsolete technology. Innovation has made it incredibly easy to streamline all of your office products and has also given the offices the ability to edit, organise, and archiving their paper documents. With these kinds of benefits, it’s still a surprise to learn that many offices are still operating under the old way of thinking.
If you’re looking to make a change in a positive direction and think that you can benefit from a total office solution, contact us today!