Document Management

Document Management

Newcastle Business Technology Group’s scanners and multifunction systems can help you convert paper documents into digital files efficiently. Of course, your work is just beginning at this point.

Once you capture a document, you might have to send it to someone who needs its information to perform some crucial task. You might also need to alter that document by yourself or in collaboration with others. If you save it, you’ll need to make sure that you can retrieve it quickly in the future.

With Newcastle BT Group’s document management service, you can accomplish all of the above with minimal effort. We can offer you solutions to help you capture, index, share, and protect your information easily, leaving you free to devote more attention to tasks that will build your business.

Benefits of Document Management

Newcastle BT Group’s Document Management services and solutions enable you to:

  • Improve the privacy and security of your information
  • Set up one-button filing and conversion options that integrate easily with your network’s devices
  • Avoid misplacing or losing crucial documents and information
  • Reduce your reliance on physical storage and the costs connected to it
  • Create workflows to route information to various personnel and destinations faster
  • Access to your data safely and conveniently via cloud technology
  • Convert documents to editable files directly from your scanner or MFP

Newcastle BT Group partners with outstanding software developers to help you improve your document workflows. You’ll see the benefits of our solutions as soon as you start using them.

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