Fax Machines

Fax Machines

Much of what Newcastle Business Technology Group does centers on handling information. Our printers and scanners allow our customers to produce that physical and digital documents they need.

Of course, you also need to share information with others quickly. With our selection of fax machines, you can distribute documents more efficiently.

Features of Newcastle BT Group’s Fax Machines

With a fax machine from Newcastle BT Group, you get:

Outstanding Productivity

Our machines give you the ability to:

  • Transmit hundreds of pages within minutes
  • Send faxes via Internet faxing, which allows you to sidestep costs
  • Ensure the security of your information with server domain authentication

The high dpi resolutions of our devices enable you to send faxes that retain the qualities of your original documents.

Compact, User-Friendly Design

Newcastle BT Group’s fax machines can fit into smaller areas easily, making them ideal for businesses with limited office space. Programmable, one-touch keys allow you to save time and get more work done. Also, you can save dozens of numbers on Speed Dial and store thousands of pages, allowing you to boost your efficiency even more.

Printing Options

Our fax machines also come with printing features, which could save you the trouble of purchasing additional equipment for your office.

Low Energy Requirements

Newcastle BT Group’s fax machines have earned acclaim for both their energy-efficient designs as well as their high productivity. You can save on supplies while improving your carbon footprint.

To learn more about our fax machines, consult our Product Catalogue or submit a Sales Request.