Major Printing Trends Coming your Way

Companies are always looking for ways to cut costs and breed efficiency in the office. Sometimes an internal audit of systems and how things are managed can offer valuable information and insight on how things can be improved. It is becoming an important trend to alleviate expense in unnecessary areas, especially in an age of digital solutions and services.
One area that companies may be taking a look at first is how they are handling their inter-office printing strategies. Firms realise that there is a ton of money to be saved by just cutting down on the amount of printing that is done in the office. The major trends seem to point to more of an electronic data filing and storing method that eliminates the need of superfluous printing.
Some other trends that will affect the printing industry are listed below:

  • Workflow organisation is going digital- More and more files are being delivered via electronic methods. The industry is also moving toward a proliferation of automated workflow processes that links customers and printing systems.
  • Integration of technology- Many printing presses are integrating “hybrid” printing by combining certain processes for jobs that require specialised coating or printing requirements. There has also been a recent growing trend of converting files into electronic publishing methods that can be shared electronically.
  • Ever-changing industry demands- Larger volumes of printing jobs that used to be done by printing companies are being produced by simple desktop printers or outsourced to offshore locations.

The evolution of an industry is a fact of life. It is important to stay on top, or at least be aware of, growing trends in this industry to remain competitive. To stay informed and learn more about printing industry trends, contact us now.