Managed Print

Managed Print

Most companies don’t stop to think about how much their printing practices can cost them. According to recent studies, 1-3% of a business’s annual revenue typically goes towards printing. This seemingly meagre percentage can translate into tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Wasteful printing or inefficient processes can make those expenses even higher.

With Managed Print from Newcastle Business Technology Group, you can improve your productivity and get your printing costs under control. We’ll help you:

  • Optimise your printing procedures
  • Make your information more secure
  • Maintain your competitive edge

Benefits of Managed Print

Newcastle BT Group’s Managed Print service examines and fine-tunes every aspect of your workplace’s printing solution:

  • You’ll be able to analyse your printing processes and spot areas for improvement better
  • You can track printer usage back to specific users
  • You can cut down on printing waste and expenses by setting usage restrictions
  • You’ll reduce the environmental impact of your printing
  • You’ll be able to spot supply and equipment issues before they create bigger problems
  • You can exercise greater control over who has access to your devices and documents

Newcastle BT Group’s technology partnerships enables our customers to take advantage of cutting-edge print management software. We pair these resources with our extensive experience in IT and printer repair to help increase efficiency in your office.

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