Advances in technology have changed the ways in which companies manage their information. Rather than store paper documents in filing cabinets, more and more businesses choose to go digital and save their information on computers. If handled properly, converting your documents from hard copies to electronic files can save you storage costs, reduce waste and increase your productivity.

Newcastle Business Technology Group can help make the transition from physical to digital documents easy. Our document scanners from Avision, Fujitsu, Brother and Epson enable you to capture pages and images quickly and without loss of crucial details. They enable you to optimise your business’s workflows and manage your information more effectively.

So if you are scanning in con notes for your Transport company or a Medical Practisioner scanning in medical records we have a document scanning solution for you.

Features of Scanners

Features of our document scanners include:

  • High dpi resolution to ensure that scanned documents retain the details of original hard copies
  • Fast scanning speeds, which enable you to capture dozens of images in minutes
  • Options for scanning to various formats, including email and PDF
  • Wireless and USB connectivity
  • Blank page detection
  • Durable design that allows for fewer repairs and uninterrupted scanning
  • Options for scanning only specific areas of a physical document
  • Controls that allow you to correct errors and make adjustments to documents

Document Management

With Newcastle BT Group’s document management service, you can store or distribute your electronic files with even greater ease. We’ll help you keep your information secure and easily retrievable. For more information, go to our Document Management page.

Retail Scanners

We also provide Presentation, Cordless Bluetooth, QR and Handheld Retail scanners. We supply many chemists, hospitality and retail outlets with scanning solutions. from leading brands like Datalogic, Cino and Metrologic.


See our Product Catalogue to learn more about our document scanners and retail scanners. You can also submit a Sales or Service Request.