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4 Steps to Business Success with Managed Print

managed print

Businesses are searching for ways to reduce office headaches by advancing software and hardware, consolidating devices, and leveraging outside management options.

There's one service that can cover these needs without adding anything to your workload - that's managed print.

Does Managed Print Really Save Money?

save money

Office Copiers and Printers always seem expensive up front, but paying less for a cheaper multifunction printer can cost more in the long run. Getting a good deal on a printer means looking ahead at the overall costs over time, not just buying the cheapest product you can find.

Costs that Add Up

Surprisingly, print costs that are the most expensive include purchasing ink and other supplies, in addition to repairs, which can be costly and often ineffective.

Print costs that ruin a realistic budget include:

3 Great Benefits of Switching to Paperless Systems


Is a digital office space the way of the future? Many businesses are wondering this, but the reality is that the digital office space is already the best way to operate. It's here - and it's time to go paperless now.

Don't be left behind with heavy file cabinets, excessive printing supply orders, and lugging around files. Solutions like document management will get you set up with a digital office faster and easier than you would imagine.

The Cost of Overlooking Document Security

managed print

Document security can be understood in many ways, considering electronic documents and hard copy documents. However, your workflow operates, being aware of potential hacks and security issues is essential for your business to function.

When a breach occurs, the effects ripple out to the entire office - from IT to marketing to administration, all departments are impacted by hacks. Not to mention the customers who may have data stolen, and the resulting blow to the company and brand reputation.

Setting Your Small Business Up Right: 4 Office Equipment Tips


Congratulations on starting or expanding your small business! At Newcastle Business Technology Group, we know you want to set your organisation up for success from the beginning.

Follow these four tips when selecting office equipment to ensure that you make the right choice for your needs and don't overpay.

Fix Printing Problems with Managed Print

managed print

Printing problems in the workplace are so easy to overlook.

First of all, they are annoying, complicated to fix, and seem small.

Then, the process to solve them may be frustrating anyway. Maybe it involves multiple calls, transfers, ordering supplies and waiting for responses. The inefficiency of printing can be ridiculous.

3 Ways to Optimise Managed Print

managed print

Managed print can make a big difference in how your office operates and even on your bottom line. But are you getting the most from the service? Follow these tips when you start out to ensure you've got the right people for the job of print management.

Is Managed Print Worth the Investment?

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If you’re considering a new business investment, you must evaluate the pros and cons of all options. You want to pay for a service that is critical to keeping your business competitive and avoid contributing to a service you don’t need. The goal is to ensure your company has all the right tools and strategies to move forward and leap ahead of the competition.

Managed print services are an essential company investment critical to updating operations. Are you wondering if it’s right for your business?

1 Simple Way to Reduce at Least 30% of Office Waste

cutting waste paper

Office waste reduction is an ongoing process for many companies. Often, businesses turn to recycling and outflow to reduce the amount of rubbish. However, one of the largest areas of waste in business is paper – up to 30% of print projects are never collected from the printer, creating a large stream of paper waste.

Paper waste has a direct impact on the company financially. Between purchasing reams of paper and investing in a high-quality toner, this issue can cost a lot of money over a short period.

How Managed Print Experts Protect Your Investment

fixing copier

Like any piece of office technology, your copiers and printers require regular, proactive maintenance to keep them functioning at peak levels. To do otherwise is to risk getting less from your devices—and your investment—than you should.

Because you rely on your multifunction copier to keep your business processes moving, preventative maintenance is critical. When the copier goes down, it can have an enormous negative impact on your business.

A sales flier may not be ready to mail in time for an advertised event.

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