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Your multifunction printer (MFP) has all the operations you need for your company - print, copy, scan, fax, etc. But can it do those things in the way you need them? It's essential that your business processes are updated, even when your devices already are.

Investing in an MFP: What are Your Options?


Every office needs a printer, copier, scanner and faxing machine. Really though - four devices? Well, no. Luckily, the multifunction printer (MFP) is the answer to all these needs in one streamlined, space-saving device.

But what if you're not ready to buy, or the investment doesn't make sense for your business long-term? There are great options to lease an MFP as well. Below, we'll discuss which is better for you - leasing or buying.

5 Critical MFP Features


When purchasing a mulifunction printer (MFP), ensure that your printer has everything it needs to function correctly. Don't skimp on the necessities, or you may find yourself wishing you had done more research and invested in the right machine.


Multifunction Printers in a Nutshell


You've heard some of the benefits of a multifunction printer or mfp in your office. If you haven't taken the jump to invest in a machine, you may be missing out on more benefits than you think. Stop being the office that is left behind as technology moves ahead in the world - catch up and stay on top.

Some top benefits of an MFP:


The Users Guide for Selecting the Perfect MFP

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A multifunction copier (MFP) includes features that are cost efficient and increase productivity. Before purchasing a machine, it’s important to understand the functions available, which features are priorities for your company, and finally to do diligent research to ensure you select the best machine.


3 Essential Considerations to Get the Right Multifunction Printer


Stepping up to buy a multifunction printer (MFP) is a significant investment for an office. You want to get the right machine for your office tasks and not look back. Make sure you’re getting the most for your money and not missing a step by following these three critical notes for updating to an MFP.


Your Search for a Multifunction Printer Begins Here

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While it's true that many organisations are transitioning from paper to digital workflows, print is far from irrelevant. If your company is looking for a professional print solution that also saves time and money, look no further than the versatile multifunction printer, or MFP. Here's where to begin your search.

Assess Your Needs

The latest MFP technology offers some impressive capabilities. Let's begin with paper size.

Finding the Perfect MFP for Your Business

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A new multifunction printer can be a game changer for your business. From increased productivity and data security to streamlined digital workflows, there's a lot to love about an MFP. But before you run out and purchase the first device you lay eyes on, check out these tips to make sure the multifunction system you end up with is the right one for your needs.


Choosing the Right MFP for Your Architectural Firm

Architectural firms require the industry's best technologies when it comes to imaging equipment. Choosing the right multifunction printer from a vast selection may seem like a daunting task, but the staff at Newcastle Business Technology Group is here help you every step of the way. Here's what to look for:


Is It Worth It to Print Your Big Project In House?

A lot of thought went into the purchase of your multi-function printer, or MFP, and you want to get as much use out of it as possible. In the case of printing marketing materials or unique projects, you have asked yourself if it’s possible to create these documents yourself. There are a few factors at play when deciding to print a big project in house. Consider the following:

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